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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
This may be of some interest. It probably is primarily applicable to zone 3, or it may even be more MO Ozark oriented.



That should have been "applicable to zone 5 vice zone 3

I have noticed that in one of my hay/seed fields, volunteer Timothy has been coming back. There was timothy in that field 60 years ago. I would guess it has come back to be around 10% timothy in that field.
Dun where did these charts come from? I am looking for ideas on what will survive in a clearcut area in zone 4 with very little management. Some of those species will not grow in zone 3 or 4.
This came from pasture managment manual from the U of MO Extension. I would think that most all of the states would have something similar avaioable from the extension service.

None of these pastures have every had Timothy actually planted in them. But there have been horses on them at various times. Timothy being a prefered horse hay I would eimagine that's where the stuff came from that I have. It's kind of interesting that we had some stands that seeded in may and we have some that are just now seeding. I always just figured timothy was timothy, but there are a lot of differetn cultivars that have significantly different growth patterns. All of the OG seeded within a month or so, same with the fescue.

Very interesting. Something similar that showed nutrient value for the different grasses would be helpful. Do any of you have anything like that. Maybe a web site.
I had origianlly just pulled those pages from the booklet and threw the rest of it away. I had assumed from the place I picked it up, the extension office, that they were the publishers. Turns out I was wrong, what a shocker that is! It's put out by USDA NRCS and is titled "Missouri soil & health guide for the Ozarks"


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