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I luv herfrds

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Feb 24, 2007
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First snow of this fall hit the mountains this weekend.
The first pumpkins are now in the store, bought several small ones for pie's.
I caught the first head cold of this fall.

What firsts are other's having???????????????????
Sorry just sneezed. :oops: :lol2:
Same here with the first cold. Was hot and muggy here today, not good weather for a cold. I'll wear it out in a day or two.

I luv herfrds":8qnng904 said:
What firsts are other's having???????????????????
Well, I went last weekend and watched my girl dive the first meet of her last season. :cry2:

Tonight when I was outside a flock of honkers flew low over head on their way south ~ I bet they have been at it for a bit of time now, but tonight was the first time I was aware.

I bought my first quilting book of the season yesterday. Soon it will be time to find things to do inside.
TexasBred":3ryifl13 said:
FarmGirl10":3ryifl13 said:
I saw my first car-skateboarder crash today. :(

We had one of those get killed last week...she was 5 month pregnant too......crazy kids !!!!!!
Yeah, the guy was where he was suposed to be though, and the car went into the Bike (skateboarder also) lane. Dumb VZ beetle...
my first time this week to be able to pick up CT. it is not broadcasting much on this side of the pond lately. have my first cold also. Not much more than that.
First wasps trying to get in the house.
First wave of flies coming in each time the door is opened.
First Canada geese are now by the retirement center in town. Haven't seen any near there all summer.

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