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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida

The first photo is C25 a Resource out of our 831RB cow. The cow is a maternal sister to the 658 X Morgans Direction daughter that we flushed several times. 831RB is out of Sinclair Excellency 5X25 and the old C11 cow that I have spoken about. I hope ya'll like her as much as I do because I have been telling a very good friend that I think she is really good. He has a flush sister to the dam of the heifer and based on what I told him he has bred his flush sister to the Resource bull. I was supposed to get a picture of her to him for awhile but just didn't get it done. Hopefully he won't be unhappy with the results. If I could change anything about her I would stretch out her neck a bit, that is honestly the only thing at this point that I would change.

This is C13 a Coleman Charlo out of a Regis daughter, same thing goes for this calf I would like to stretch her out in the neck a bit to make her more feminine, overall I like her.

This is C33 she is out of a Matrix daughter we flushed to Wulff's EXT 6106 this is one of the two heifers we got out of the flush. We stuck another egg in last Tuesday so hopefully it will stick and we can make another one. I like this heifer.

This is a heifer out of the cow we are currently flushing Blackcap May 0524 and our old herd bull Coleman EXT 6149. We are going to use her flush brother natural service on a group of two and three year old cows. We flushed her dam to Coleman Charlo 0256 on Tuesday and got 9 eggs. We put all of them in recips we had 0524 X Resource eggs in the tank and we put 8 of them in recips, so if all goes well we will have a bunch of maternal siblings out of this heifer running around the farm this time next year.

I like the Resource heifer for sure. You are right...she's really good. I think Resource will be the top bull for registrations next year.
If Resource bombs now I am in trouble because I have bred the stew out of him and his brothers Renoun and Recharge. I really like the Resource calves. I bred the 831RB back to him this year, I sure hope I get another heifer that looks like C25.

This is the bull we are using natural service on the heifers. He is Giz Rainmaker C37 7009 6169 he is a good rip.

A couple more views of the C37 calf.


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