First calf of the year.

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Nov 21, 2013
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Well fans check this out black baldy heifer and a charolais bull produced this little fella super cool?!!
They've both done a good job. From memory your in Victoria aren't you Dave? Your pastures are predominantly autumn, winter and spring growing aren't they? Is that how they normally look over summer? Or is it just that it is very dry and hot like we are getting in southern Qld except here there is no feed, we occaisionally get a shower and things start to green up and then within a day it is fried. We can usually expect one burst of heat for a week or so in summer but this has been going on all summer. I am on the Granite belt at about 960m and the altitude usually has things fairly mild.

Yean i am in victoria my place has a lot of native grasses and a poor fert history which i am adddressing. I have limed soon to autum fertiliser and will sow one paddock to Autum but yeah thats a fairly typical shot of the country side she is in a paddock with standing dry feed and paspalum underneath now. Also we had 22mm last night :x

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