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i would like to butcher my 2 steers at about 1000 lbs. they have been on pasture for about 3 months. I bought them at 550 lbs. I dont know how much they weigh now. How can you tell when to start finish feeding them? Also for how long should i finish feed them for? I think i will use COB to feed them and i will keep them in a pen. any thoughts.........scott

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I butchered a steer that we kept in a twelve x twelve foot stall with the same size pen for outside. We TRIED to get him up to twenty pounds of corn a day as well as feeding good alfalfa. Daughter complains that the hamburger was too fat... the meat was tender, but i don't think I will ever do straight corn again, and as long as the animal isn't up to two years old, I am questioning keeping him in such a small place. I am thinking... meat comes from muscle and muscle is created by good food and exercise.... I wasn't out cowboying him, but leisurely walking a quarter of a mile back and forth to food and water can't surely be a BAD thing. Sort of just thinking outloud. On the next animal I butcher, I have definitely decided to go a little heavier on the COB with molasses than everyone else is getting, but twenty pounds a day didn't seem to be a realistic goal to shoot for.

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