fertilizing ryegrass

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I planted several pastures with ryegrass Nov 2. Was lucky enough to get moister that night and it came on good. I've been grazing 2 or 3 hours per day since Christmas. Only a few times I have kept them off because of heavy rains. I have fertilized twice since planting with about 120 lb nitrogen per acre. We have had a very mild winter. This by far the best winter grazing I have ever had and I'll have a lot of hay left over. The cows have stayed in good condition. My question is, How many times do yall hit your ryegrass with nitrogen during the season, and at what rate? I see some yellowing and looks like it needs another shot.
I usually would plant it with some nitrogen via 200 pounds an acre of 19-19-19 at planting time and then hit again with about 200 pounds an acre of 34-0-0 between February 14 and March 1 depending on the weather.
I put about 200 lb of 17-17-17 at planting. I should have stated that also.

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