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Jun 1, 2009
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Hi, im puttin up a new fence for my feedlot for cattle and i have a bunch of hog panels sittin around and was wondering if you think i could use the hog panels and then put like 2 lines of barbed wire on top of the panels, instead of going out and buying cattle panels? and do you think that would keep cows in?
Depends on the temperament of the cattle, breed of cattle. Also, depends if "grass is greener" on other side of the fence...lol. As long as the cattle were not in "tight pack", were docile, etc. might work. With the stock panels, I'd want 4 guage wire and top, bottom, middle sucker rod or pipe horizontals for support.

Proper construction of the infrastructure will solve a lot of potential problems.

Also, with any "feedlot" fencing, I'd want the fence to be at least 5 or 5.5 feet high. And, just make sure they are well fed and watered and don't decide to go looking for food, water.
Put the hog panels at least a foot from the ground to tart then the barbed on topo, that will work except for the nut cases
I would put the hog panels under one wire- then fill int the bottom with wire. The hardest hits are going to be from the middle up. And that would give you a good foothold to jump out if needed.
Cheapest lots I have seen are cable or high tensile. Seems to work with trained cattle that are well feed.
I just built a 60" high fence with a barbed strand on the bottom and high tensile spaced every 10".
I built my feed pen last fall and I used 2" pipe uprights, 53" tall, then I put 2" pipe horizontal on the top tied to 6" corners. I also had 6" pipe where the gates were going. From there I put 52" 4ga cattle panels. Seems to work good. I haven't had any of them test the fence but I did have a problem on a gate opening, where I didn't have a good gate hung, with just a flimsy cattle panel stretched across the opening.

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