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Dec 12, 2015
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Question for you angus people. What bull out there would you use to make females?
I went back through our cows just to see on the older cows what sires have worked over the years. A good indicator for me is older cows, the number one reason is they are still here so they are doing something right. The bull that has left the majority of old cows in our herd is Coleman EXT 6149 he was a female maker his sire was Wulff's EXT 6106 back to EXT. I also have some Boyd New Day 8005 two of them have made Pathfinder the New Day cows sure have worked for us. You will on rare occasion get a dry New Day daughter but for the most part they work really well. As far as newer genetics we have had some nice Pioneer daughters they milk well and seem to maintain condition and breed back. Our first calf heifers out of Resource bred back but still don't have data on the calves they are raising. We have some beautiful BC Matrix daughters they have worked really well for us, so well that we used him again last year trying to make some more. The OCC Missing Link make some great mamma cows.

Gardens Wave has been the best Angus AI sire we ever used, so far as his daughters were concerned.
Have a few Gardens Next Wave HE17 daughters coming on, but they're just weanlings; have considered using Pioneer Wave on the few cows that we're still breeding to Angus sires.

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