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Jul 17, 2006
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I've been feeding my (4) heifers & (1) 15 month old bull every other day a mixture of corn, 12% sweet feed & rice bran. I try to divide a 5 gallon bucket equal amongst them. During the winter months. My question is am i wasting my $$$ & time or should I increase/decrease there amounts. They all look pretty good weight wise. they had hay and supplements all winter. Don't plan on feeding much in the spring/ summer with the green grass we are starting to get, but i was just wondering. what others are doing :cowboy:
How old are the heifers, how much do they weigh, bred or not, what breed, and what are you planning to do with them?
on average, the heifers are out of (4), (2) are anugus. & (2) are Brangus. On average they are almost 20 MONTHS I know one for sure is bred and 2 or definetly not bred, don't know what they weight, i'd have to guess round 800-900 ??? My plan is simple, any thing they have gets the freezer or sold. :cowboy:
Seeing your over in Louisiana in that mild climate with plenty of moisture I'd think all the feed you fed probably was a waste of good money, tho the cattle probably loved it. Fertilize that grass and turn'em loose. They'll love you for it.

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