feeding cottonseed meal to bulls

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Dec 31, 2008
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i am feeding a ration of corn alfalfa pellets,cottonseed hulls,cottonseed meal.i am feeding it to some yearling bulls it is a 14% ration .my question is there enough cottonseed meal to effect them.my other ? is the cottonseed hulls have a few hole seeds is that normal. thank for the help.
Cottonseed meal is probably the most common protein source used in all beef cattle feeds and won't hurt your bulls at all. The amount of whole cottonseed remaining in the hulls is probably very small and shouldn't pose any problem at all. Feeding large quantitties of WCS to bulls (4-6 lbs. per head per day) can and will cause temporary sterility and is not recommended for bull being used for breeding. I wouldn't worry about this feed mix having any negative effect on the bulls.

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