Epds? Upcoming purchase.

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Feb 21, 2018
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Going to buy a registered bull. Wanted a simangus but can't find any within 2 day drive (Located south of Albuquerque). Found a registered bull not to far from a local angus breeder. I don't know what to look for as far as epds. I am not going to breed heifers, I want pounds at weaning. Here is his bloodline epd. Price is $2,000.
Will I notice a difference in weights angus vs simangus? Some say yes some say no.
Depend what kind of cows they are going on. PB angus cow and sim-ang bull will have more heterosis than a pb angus bull. If you have crossbred cows a pb will improve consistency, and add some heterosis.
The bull is 3yrs 8m old and turns 4 in January. I don't see any red flags with his epds or pedigree, so no concerns there.
He should have 2nd crop calves on the ground. IF you like what you see buy him.

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