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Kilroy, It was planted October 27 (Later than I wanted but it was extremely dry) as a mixture or rye, oats, and ryegrass into a mostly bahia based sod. Because of the dry conditions I really wasn't able to get the rye and oats as deep as I wanted to and therefore, didn't get as good of a stand of those as I wanted to. So, it is mostly ryegrass. Didn't get any rain on it until at least 2 weeks after it was planted. But there was enough moisture, surprisingly, for it to have germinated in most places. Lime was applied Nov. 17 (1 ton/ac.) and chicken litter applied Nov. 28 (2 tons/ac.). I started limit grazing 2-acre paddocks for 2 hours per day for 2 days each in early January. The cows had free choice to hay as well. I have 18 of those paddocks by moving a solar energizer and polywire. Grit: we've been getting a little rain off and on. Enough to keep it going but not as much as we've really wanted/needed. No irrigation. Applied 34-0-0 at 200 lbs./ac. Feb 14. Cows started their 3rd rotation through the paddocks Saturday (the day that picture was taken).Now I'm limiting them to 6 hours/day/paddock and today is the 3rd day on this paddock. When I get them off this afternoon I'll decide whether it can handle another day or I need to move them onto the next. The link below is to a picture I took yesterday when I got them off that paddock. Notice how there are areas where they've eaten almost down to the ground surrounded by grass that is still 10 inches tall. Wish I knew what they tasted that was so good in those areas.
https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipP ... tsMr-v9hD6

Realized ,after I posted the link, that you wouldn't be able to see it. Fixed that here with the picture I took of the grazing when I took them off yesterday afternoon. I also realize that you probably didn't see the video I took of the cows on that same paddock yesterday morning. So here is a picture from Sunday morning rather than a video. What a difference one day makes when it comes to weather from my original picture of the calves Saturday morning to snow Sunday morning..

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