Early Calves

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
AIed heifers for April and bull bred cows for early May. Got my third calf yesterday. All heifers calves so far, coming one to two weeks early from 23 month old wf. Giving these early calves Inforce 3 and Calf Guard.
The majority of mine have been early this year. Had one about 20 days early and the others averaged a week early. Even bulls were early this year. Interesting observation!

All spring calves get a jacket until it warms up and a shot of Multimin. Have you had good luck with Inforce and CG?
All of the stuff I've paid attention to has been about a week early here as well. I did have a few bull bred calves surprise me as well.
I mentioned back in February that the calves were coming early. Continued through the end of calving. Finished a couple of weeks early this year.

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