Ear sucking - calf with damaged ear?

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Feb 20, 2018
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I believe our 3 bottle calves (4 & 5 weeks old) are past the ear sucking stage, and we took steps to stop it with vinegar spray, but the sucking has apparently caused damage to the heifer's ears (she didn't object to the sucking and just let them do it at first). The outer edges of her ears are hard and lumpy. :bang: It am hoping it is not frostbite -- they have a snug polydome and are in a roofed pen that butts up to the barn -- but I wonder if she has burst capillaries. Anyone else deal with this and know if it might heal?

Thanks everyone!

Workinonit Farm

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Nov 4, 2004
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Ctrl Virginia
I would not be overly concerned about it. Years ago, I raised bottle-babies, and occasionally had a few with the funky outer ear edges, small bumps and a few hairless spots. In time they healed on their own. Mine never did have large, fluid-filled bumps.

I have also had a couple of calves get frostbite on their ear tips. They never got bumpy/lumpy. The tips of their ears lost the hair and the tips just sloughed/fell off, so that their ears were more rounded looking, like a teddy bear. They never needed medical intervention.

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