Drive Thru Gate for a Pasture Feedyard

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
I am looking at a "Drive-Thru Electric Gate" that Koehn advertises for U$S 129.

Have you had success with this, or any other, drive through gate?
Met a fella one time that had a few around his place, said he loved them. Look handy, but never bought one myself. Don't want to scratch up my fine automobiles. :lol: (Insert smart-aleck comment from dun here)

Also, I wonder about riding a 4 wheeler thru one???

I have one on our place into the bale lot and silage pit. Works great in the summer and for cows all year round. But it seems like when there gets to be a snow pack the calves don't seem to get a shock. Once the calves get used to going in there it is really hard to keep them out. I have never had a cow or bull go through one yet, knock on wood.

When going through on the 4 wheeler or on foot I just grab the rubber part and push in as I go through, not a problem at all.