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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
Doing the happy dance the last couple of months has been so busy, AI work ET work cattle sales Thanksgiving, Christmas well were done. The ET work was finished today. We set up 41 head of recips and put eggs in 34 of them today. After we finished the boss and I moved some bulls around and delivered one to a customer. Tomorrow the boss and Mike are sorting the recips to get them back into their age groups and the last bull goes out and we are officially done with breeding season. At least the AI, ET portion of breeding season the bulls will be busy for about 60 days taking care of what we missed. We flushed our 0524 donor cow today and got 9 good eggs we put them all in so excited about that mating. Other than sorting tomorrow we will be in cruise mode for the next couple of months. Can I just say awwww that feels good! I just finished entering all f the ET information into the computer so all I have left to enter is the bull that goes in tomorrow. I love calving season, it is my favorite time of the year. I don't dislike breeding season but am always glad when its done. Anyone else feel that way at the end of breeding season or am I just getting old and tired?

I just turned the neighbors last AI bunch with the bull on Monday 22 days after breeding and think I had a good AI season...

I have always liked breeding cows even it it is more work than calving...

I honestly don't dislike breeding but I hate cold weather. This Florida girl has a serious issue with cold. I don't know how some of the folks that post on here stand getting out in the freezing temps they have to contend with. This year wasn't to bad a couple of days were wet and cold but only a couple. When we worked the recips it was a beautiful day short sleeve kind of day. At least for everyone but me I still had on a thermal long sleeve shirt and a vest :nod: like I said it doesn't have to get real cold for me to be a complete wimp. So I think my biggest issue with breeding is when your doing timed AI it doesn't matter how cold or nasty the weather is you still have to work the cows, and I dread having to get out in the cold. We worked them one day and all our phones were blasting tornado alerts. The rain was coming down in bucket loads and horizontal due to the wind. All that being said once the first calf arrives it will all have been worth it. I love the process of selecting mateings, and then seeing how those breeding decisions work out!


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