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Jan 7, 2004
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West TX
I was woken up by my daughter to come and get a deer out of the fence. :( A little whitetail about 40 lbs. didn't quite make it over the fence. The deal was that my wife and daughter wouln't let me shoot it. So I apoached and put a coat over her head. Grabbed on and flung her over deer runs off. ;-) No big deal. My wife and daughter get shovels and go down to this place were that one was caught and were they usually cross and dig under the fence. No problem because this is were I put my bulls in the off season. My hair brained father-in-law sees this and in his amazement comments to me...

Man those deer are smart. Look how they adjusted to the fence and their enviroment. They dug themselves a whole and crawl under. :shock:

I couln't tell him the truth. :lol:
Please tell me I'm not alone with people like this. :?:
I worked up a big rock with my sub-soil plow the other day. The plow point scratched a perfect stick man figure. Looked like he was holding a bow and arrow. I told my nephews wife it was Indian hieroglyphics, that she could have it. It now set in her front yard. Geeegee. :lol:

I went ahead and told my father-in-law the truth. He didn't beleive me. :shock: My wife told him and he didn't beleive her either. I may have started a family fued. This is killer stuff. :lol:

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