DDG in an Upright Bin ?

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I don't have an auger on my bin, but it is an upright steel bin. If I have much DDG in the feed (maybe over 25%), it cakes up bad. Even last winter it caked up. I just got a mix with no DDG and it is flowing well.
You'll want a rubber mallet to beat on the side walls and a stick to shove up the bottom opening to break up the clumps. I wouldnt use an upright bin if its going to sit in there long because like others said it likes to cake up
I put my DDG in 300 + gal Rubbermaid tanks and never go over a 3 week supply on hand. Tanks are inside. If I were feeding a pot load
I would use a self feeder and limit feed until they were 9 months at least. I normally ship as yearlings. Usually I feed DDG in the fall and
winter only so caking is no problem. YMMV

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