Custom mineral feeder

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Jan 16, 2012
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I know a barrel with a hole in it would do the same thing, but now that the days are shorter me and the kids need something to do besides rassle. Been pecking at this during prime time, instead of watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my wife.
Cross-7":g1vt750t said:
Pretty slick
It have a roof ?

Yeah, a tin roof. Going to put it on out in the field. I'm afraid one of us will hit our head on it in the shop.
Aaron":11l70z5w said:
My bulls would love to toss that around.

I'm gonna put it in my heifer lot. The 4 of us can't slide it though, so it might be ok anywhere.
I got 2 like that that FFA built when my daughter was in high school. They have never been turned over and done good, starting to rot though now.

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