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Feb 6, 2006
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Bowie Texas
Last summer I built a small pond about 200 yards from the house.Dry hole all winter and about two months ago it filled with water. I rode past it this morning and it is full of crawdads.Amazing how ya can build a pond and then have life in it without stocking it.
Guess the birds have sure been busy. Have a couple sand cranes that go from pond to pond.
5 ponds on the place and they makes their rounds.

Have any idea how long they can survive in a burrow? We have a low creek bottom that has some sloughs that have been dry since last July. After the March and April rains a lot of crawfish holes have shown back up. I guess they could have found refuge in some of the tanks until it rained and they went back to the sloughs.
We have them in our ditches and row's here. During wet times you can just scoop them up but when it turns off dry all you can find are their little holes. The dry period lasts several months at times. Don't know what they do down there but it seems they get along fine.
If I can catch one of those sandcranes I'm gonna put in an order for some black bass. :lol: :lol:

Be sure you don't tee it off or it might bring you some noxious weed like water lily or worse.

I cleaned some catfish the other day and they were full of baby crawdads.
In the San Joiquin valeey we had flood irrigation. After the water was turned off I would go out with buckets and pick up crawdads and put them in the water tanks. Once a month or so we would take them all out and cook them up for dinner.
Everyone around here gets them out of the ditches. When the basket comes out with a snake in it, it can get rather amusing. :nod:
I didn't like crawdads when I tried them, they looked and tasted like scampi and I was told they would be different but I didn't think so. I like the crawfish we have here it is like spinny lobster do you have anything like that, in your ponds?

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