Cows not coming back into heat.

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Jan 9, 2017
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I have a set of 5 cows that I haven't seen return of heat in since calving from Nov 2016 through March 2017. I just went to an AI course and my cows' BCS is much better than the cows we palpated. Any idea why I'm missing it? The AI tech at Champion Genetics suggested giving prostaglandin and that will bring them in heat so I can AI. Sound right?
That could help, but is there more to the reason why you don't see them cycling. Are they in heat when you're not there to observe them? What kind of heat detection are you using? Are they too fat and their BCS too high? Is there a trace mineral deficiency issue? There could be other outlying reasons why they are not cycling -- assuming they really aren't coming back into heat, especially the cows that calved several months ago. Maybe using the heat detection patches would help you know for sure if they are cycling again or not. Could be in standing heat in the middle of the night when you're asleep and you don't see a thing.
Coming into spring any being rode should have the hair rode right off their hind end and hips, to the point they'll be bare and bruised up.
Put a patch on them. That's the only way you can have any clue if they're cycling or not. Prostaglandin will cause them to come into heat if they are already cycling, and ONLY if they are already cycling. To cause a cow to cycle that is NOT cycling, you will have to use a CIDR.
Finally saw standing heat in 1 and got her bred AI on Friday night and Sat morning! We shall see.

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