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Jan 16, 2012
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Posted mainly, to show you don't have to spend much to handle a cow:

We shut the rumor mill down every year, for about a week and a half at Christmas. I like to use leisure time on building projects. I've got 2 pastures, that don't connect with my working facilities. For quit some time, I've had a rattle trap set up of 11 corral panels in it for emergencies. I replaced it with about a 40 foot round pen, with a loading alley. I've had a couple of logs down at the saw mill for probably 6 months. He finally got around to sawing them on the shares. He sawed my half in to 2" X 7". Nailed em on some cedars I've had drying for a while. I guess the only cash I spent on it was about 15 pounds of nails, and a gate. Anyway, I like it better than what I was using. Probably be used mostly to catch calves in to bring to the house and wean. I might put a medina in it, but I didn't like the lumber for that project.
Shut down from Christmas to new year's and kinda doing the same thing. Building myself a new set pens. Or rebuilding the hodgepodge that red left. Still going to have the mechanics car thing going on. Reusing some of the old , bought a little bit, and going through my hoard of "stolen materials"... :D

Can always tell those central TX gates. I like em. I like your trap too bf, a man can take pride in money saved. Nice fleshy cow going into winter in that pic.
I forgot about posting this thread. I like a round pen for handling a cow. 1. You don't have to line up any post, so it goes pretty fast. 2. They don't seem to act too trapped. Mainly, I see people post here that say they don't have a handling facility, or can't afford a good one. It doesn't cost much to build something that will contain one. What it's built out of, certainly isn't a life time product, but for no more than I have in it, I can't sweat that too much.

I wish metal was a viable option for me, but it's just not cost effective. It's a long way to some affordable pipe, and I'm not set up to weld anywhere but my shop.
js1234":1hmfg2bk said:
That poor cow's legs might snap off.
Nice fence BTW.

Always remember----------There's a difference in a woman with a big arse, and and a big arse woman.

Actually, we had a really good year for grass. Maybe the best I've ever seen. Lotta my cows going in to winter fat.

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