confused on killed vaccines

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Nov 22, 2015
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So blackleg7 and virashield say follow up shot in 3-4/4-5 wks. So when people say vaccinate calves with ONE of the vaccines at 2-4 mos and again at weaning, are they talking about 4 shots total (8 shots total if both vaccines are used) ? Or is weaning dose considered the follow-up?
Also, after initial rounds, product says to vaccinate once annually, I am assuming this means one shot, follow-up in 3-4 wks not needed. Thanks
I feel your pain! I have always struggled with live vs. killed modified live when you can give the shot etc. I stumbled across this web site that has some excellent information.

Basically it is an online course on cattle put on by members of the Auburn staff. Some great information. Hopefully you will find it helpful.

steve, it was in couple of farm magazines, can't remember which ones, & on rfd one time. it has been a while. but I have always done it this way & I feed my calves through the winter

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