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Dec 14, 2019
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McGregor, Tx
Have a 9 1/2 mo old heifer, 40 days weaned (fence-line) and has a buddy 2 year old steer to hang out with. 2 days ago noticed watery diarrhea, penned her to watch closer-noticed blood-took a fecal in-raging coccidia (300k+/gm!). Got her started on Albon blouses, she is perking up after 1st dose, checked fecal on steer and he is only 2-3/slide-basically nonexistent.
We've had a ton of rain and wet grazing area after 3 months of nothing, so grass was getting pretty short. We're keeping the two separated until she finishes her Albon and get a recheck of fecal 10 days later-he has a processor date Oct 20-don't want to screw that up.
We haven't brought any new animals in, but fence line neighbor moves cattle around frequently-he's got a dead one across the road, I'm watching his calves to see if they start scouring. Is fence line exposure with weaning stress typically enough to trigger a bloom? I'd kinda like to be able to keep this heifer...
Grass is getting up again and sun is starting to shine...
It didn't cross the fence; all cattle have coccidia. It just flares up in young animals under stressful conditions. She'll recover and have immunity for the rest of her life, and your 2 year old is probably already immune.
Thanks. What's typical recovery time? Have 4 day treatment planned, will recheck fecal 2 weeks after that to make sure concentration is down.
Most are back to normal within a week, but I've seen severe cases take up to a month. Even after you kill the coccidia, the diarrhea will continue until the damage to the intestine is healed. Since it's only been going on a couple days, I'd guess she'll be on the short end of the recovery window. If you ignored it until she was on death's door, it would take longer.
Day 2 of Albon-blood was gone, still watery. D3, more substance, all green. Today is D4 (5 total)Eating some better, not straining to poop every step, good amount of clear urine. Hopefully better and full recovery....

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