Clipping pasture

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Dec 28, 2010
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southern il.
Asking for your thoughts. I clip a pasture just a head of the rain today. Pasture is mostly fescue grass but had a lot of weeds as well . Should I see good regrowth from the grass ? Pasture was fertilized early spring with 60 lb. of actual N. . Pasture also has some white clover growing in it. The 2.5 inch rain was welcome site . Thanks rj
Should be perfect as you can get if you didn't scalp it. That's the same thing I would have done the last couple days if I had a patch ready. As far as the weeds go, they will grow too. If you have nettles, expect them to keep up or even outgrow the grass if it gets hot.
Have a new neighbor that bought a 40 year neglected field. Already showing grass improvement over carpet coverage with weeds that had been the case. I have a field in which I am trying to get a Bermuda stand. Without a doubt, clipping favors the grass and reduces the weeds.....the fertilizer you put out helps the grass too, especially Bermuda. Mine responds very well to it.....