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I want to start doing a better job of vaccinating my cattle. I am wondering what vaccines others are using on their cows and calves and for what. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
> I've been using Horizon 9+, It's a combo and not the cheapest but can be used in preg cows and anything 5 mon old. since the herd isn't added to for several years I haven't boosted the cows th last 2 years.

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Different things are both available and necessary in different areas. In my area, for example, many cattle are vaccinated for Rabies. That isn't likely the case in most areas, though. IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV +/- Lepto are standard. I use an 8 way blackleg which covers tetanus as well. Some people have problems with viral scours...there are vaccines for that...some people vaccinate for brucellosis. Others vaccinate for warts--there's a lot to choose from. Ask your vet for the best for your area then decide on your program. Good Luck. V

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