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Jun 4, 2007
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Beaverdam, virginia
Hello to all my old friends.......
hoping to make some new ones from those who have joined since my last post
that was some time in 2020
life has changed a lot in the last few years.
my wife had a life ending stroke in 2018.
my best friend and horseback riding partner, battled cancer for two years and actually beat the cancer.....
but two weeks after he was declared cancer free.....he succumbed to a massive heart attack
I retired at the end of 2020 from my day job....decided I would just concentrate on riding my horse and mule.....
rather than reliving the last few years.....
follow this link to my blog that briefly chronicles events lately

just stumbled across an old link to this forum and thought I would see if it still worked
took me a few minutes to navigate some of the changes
Glad to see you back. People disappear from here and it leaves me wondering what happened. Sorry about your losses.

As you know I also worked for a Conservation District. I retired in 2017. Moved 400 miles away. And now I am on the board of directors for the local conservation district.
Good to here from you again pdf, sorry about your wife and friend. Hope to here more from you. Are you still breeding your Angus?

no angus....I only haad a few when we had the barn fire in 2021.....took my feed , tractor, cattle facilities which were in the barn....the few cows I had went to my sons that afternoon.
currently raising some red angus heifers for a neighbor

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