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Jul 12, 2012
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Last february i had a jersey cow calve 30 days early. After about a week i ended up losing the calf, so i grafted a calf on her that i got from a local dairy. She took the calf in as her own and i sold him in early october @ the toppenish salebarn. He weighed 611#. He was still a bull calf when i sold him. Since i'm a terrible storyteller, i'll get to the end of the story. I had my neighbor come out today to a i a cow and a heifer. Needless to say he only had to breed the cow because.........damn, Damn, DAMN!
I set them up with cidrs and three days ago i gave them lute to be ready for today. Vet told me that depending on when she was bred wpuld determine what effect the lute would have on her.
I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating: We band day 1 or 2 but a few years ago missed a nut, named him One Nut (yeah, I know, count to two. Lesson learned). When the vet came out to castrate the remaining nut (subsequently changing his name to No Nut) he also BANGS/pelvic measured the heifers and one was bred. The takeaway? Those young 'uns absolutely can breed/get bred - even with half a package.
One thing I've learned is that cattle will surprise you and they'll get the job done one way or another...unless you're trying to AI them or actually want them bred! :lol: :bang: :roll:
Ouf of the 5 cows that i have, the only purebred a.i. sired heifer that i have is the one he picked from the bunch. Everything else is dairy influenced. What are the chances that she won't abort the calf?
Did the vet preg check her? He should have an idea how far she is and whether or not the Lute is effective is also sometimes contingent on her due date. Lute alone doesn't always cause them to abort, sometimes a combo of Lute & Dex is needed.