Canadian Winter Water ?

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
You see more write ups in Canada for solar or LP or nose pump types of cattle water installations. I assume electrical power lines are not available, or are too expensive. Which of these off grid solutions would work out best for a small herd of 30 to 60 cows?
Sometimes power is not available, sometimes people are trying to cut down their utility bill or avoiding in increasing it. I fall into the latter. All my units are Kelln Solar units. They are not a great company to deal with by any means, but they know their stuff and are by far the cheapest of any of the solar waterer makers. A lot of federal environmental grant money available for solar waterers up here, so Sun Dog and Solar West are quick to take their share (or 2 or 3). Some people are sold on the frost free nose pump units. They are the least amount of hassle mechanically, but there is a bigger learning curve for the cattle with them. I just got my latest Kelln Solar unit shipped to me and I'll pick it up on Saturday. Maybe get it put together next week when the temps are warmer and make a video so you see what is included.

Did I have my solar unit set up across the road from the house when you visited? I can't remember if I did or if it was later that fall. I just remember confusing you with my Canuckian 'hydro' slang for the electrical utility.
i just put in some cobbets .. we'll see how htey do.. i'm not in CAN but they are supposed to be ok for there

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