Calving goes downhill....

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Jun 21, 2007
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I have been waiting patiently for my calves to start.

First thing at the farm this morning, new baby!! Yeah! Out of #601.... Ok, I would of bet the farm, this girl was not due any day, if at all, she was really dragged down last fall by her calf, which was great btw. Let alone, she did not show any signs of impending birth. I had at least a half dozen picked out to start at any time. But ok, all's well that ends well.

#601, still looks on the scrawny side, and I was concerned about her having enough milk, as her bag, looks a lot to be desired, but I'm thinking she may come into more milk.... wait and see approach.

Tonight hubby calls that 007 has a water bag hanging out of her for the last 1/2 hour. I told him no worry's call me back when he sees feet, 5 min's later her calls and says feet are there, we talk she spits out the calf, he says it's dead.

I make him get off the phone and see what he can do.

He calls me back 5 mins later and says - it is dead and shes having another one, she walked on down the hill.

I console him and tell him things happen.

I told to keep an eye on it, and to see if it's coming out correctly.

He calls me 5 mins later, and and says he only sees one let... "holy crap! it shot right out"

He runs down the hill, and sure enough calf is dead.

On this mornings check, she was one I was watching but no signs of labor.

Ok, now 007 has claimed 601's calf immediately after hubby dragged off her twins.

Now, I am not opposed to this as 007 is in way better condition and milk than 601.

Opinions? BTW if had to ship one of these cows I would take the 9 yr old over the 3yr old hands down.

Tough day Michelle I have no idea about who would be the best dam but as far as the dam to the dead twins I will ask a few questions .

Just exactly how dead were the twins ?..Were they discolored and a sweet almost nauseous smell to them? If so you need to get some antibiotics into her asap unless you plan to cull her within the next couple of days ..Also she will probably retain a placenta so you need to take action to dispel that as soon as problems occur..So you have a few options to consider ...

Good luck and I hope this was just a bump in the road for your calving season.. :)
those twins get tangled up sometimes, there wasn't anything he could do. yes i have a 9 yo i would pick over any cow/heifer we have. do you thing that the 9yo is gonna let her steal the calf? I would probably get another calf and transplant to who ever doesn't raise this one.

Is it a full moon*L*
Sounds like bad luck. The twins got tangled, certainly not a hard birth. 601 apparently has little or no milk. It's calf would not just switch mothers if it were satisfied. Why not let 007 keep 601's calf. 601 being in poor condition won't bring much kill price. If you want to keep her fine, she is proven, not worth near the $ that say a 14 month old heifer ready to breed. 601 will grow and fill out, rebreed and maybe make a good stock cow for the next 10 years. Good Luck.
You have NO I feel your pain...
We had a heifer getting ready to calve...knew it would be in the next few days. Friends asked us to go to dinner on Saturday night (my birthday was Sunday) so we go. As it turns out "dinner" was actually a suprise 40th birthday party for ME. I hated it. We get home I look in the shed and she's laying by the fence so I think to myself, "ok..she's sleeping" I go to bed...husband wakes up early and checks and as he's hollering "OMG"...I look out and shes in the SAME POSITION. I freak out, run out there and sure enough hidden in the bedding is her calf...dead...she's on her side and cant get up. I get a halter on her and between husband and I we get her up. She can barely stand but stays upright. Calf (bullcalf) was perfect but stone cold. Placenta all expelled and looks good. She simply needed a little help and WE WERENT THERE.

I will NEVER let my guard down again. I am so mad at myself you can't begin to imagine. I didn't want to post my "stupidity" but figure maybe someone will hear my advice...Check your cows, check your cows, check your cows and don't leave unless you absolutely have to. I'm so sorry for the loss of twins MItch...all I can think is "Please God...give me another calf soon so I move on..."
mnmtranching":ahwi1t25 said:
Westeria, That stuff hurts, Sorry.
It hurts enough when it just happens but to know its your own fault really "does a number on you"...I spent a lot of time with my other expectant mommas (all in the same pasture) today and that helped a lot ...
So far so good...last night we turned her out with the rest of the "herd"... figured she'd be more at ease being with them than cooped up in the stall but she's broke so if we notice she's feeling "punk" we can get her back in the barn really easy. Thanks for asking...

Mitch how is everything where you are?
we all blame ourselves, go ahead and greive, kick yourself, i have done it myself. too tired to check one more time and the next morning a dead calf with the leg back and a heifer that layed to long. saved the heifer lost the calf. we all mess up but we do our best.
but more times, i have made one more check, flashlight in hand, found the heifer with her back down hill can't get up turned her upright chased her while confused back to her calf through the briars, or sat in the rain or layed in the snow or mud to reposition a leg so we can save alot of calves. canceled plans or ran late because we can't leave till the calf is born. or hook the trailer up at 3 a.m. in the mud and load a heifer that we can't pull alone.
jcarkie..thanks a lot...I know it happens to everyone but you always think you're "smarter than that"...just proves we all make stupid mistakes and have to go on...
Ok, I think that you have a very good animal there in 601, she obviously put a lot into her calf last year and bred back! Why would you want to give her calf to a 9 year old cow and ship a good 3 year old that has 9 more productive years ahead of her and keep the old lady that lost her calves and has 3 more years at the most?

She is certainly dominant to the 3 year old and is pushing her away from her calf. Separate them and stop that from happening.

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