Calf w Bloody Runny Poo

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Jun 8, 2019
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East TN
Had a calf born on the 21st. Had trouble somehow, found him on the ground shaking unable to stand. Brought inside for 18 hours, give 4 quarts of colostrum mix and returned w Momma. He nursed and had been doing good. I didn't give him any meds other than some vitamin mineral paste in his mouth.

Noticed last night the re was dried dark stuff on his backside and a spot of nasty looking shitt right by him. Looks like it was runny, clear, mucus like w blood in it. Saw it by flashlight so could be mistaken. Blood was definitely present.

Calf was up and alert/curious. Friendly w me. Ears forward, warm and wet nose. Seemed fine.

I've seen them w runs before and left them alone, haven't had a problem yet in 5 or 6 years. But this looked like a new one for me.

It's been wet as all get out again this winter. Of course, momma had him lying next to a feeder. I spread some hay for him to lay on.

Any ideas? Plan to treat him for something when I get home from work. Have penicillin and LA 200 on hand. Can get something else if I need to on the way home.
Coccidiosis would be my bet.
If it is Corrid would be the drug you need . Talk to your vet.
Caustic Burno said:
Coccidiosis would be my bet.
If it is Corrid would be the drug you need . Talk to your vet.
Yep, that's what I would do suggest too.
Awfully young but coccidiosis would also be my first thought. You might want to take a sample to your vet. Corrid can be found at most farm stores, no RX required.

However a few years ago I noticed a calf that would occasionally hunch her back and saw she had blood in her stool. Called the vet and he asked if the calf was nursing. Well, yes, I saw her nursing - but was she getting anything? Got mama in the chute and discovered she had mastitis in 2 quarters and the calf wasn't getting enough. Didn't call the vet back to ask why that would cause blood in the stool but treated mama, gave the calf Pro Bios, supplemented the calf for a while - and sold mama at weaning.
Am I correct in reading your post that he's only 5 days old? Coccidia and parasites can't cause diarrhea at that age; their life cycle takes too long. Almost certainly bacterial. Talk to your vet.
Neighbor has had a little problem with bloody poop as well. Adult cows.
2nd one in 2 weeks and I saw another one with bloody poop on her tail when I went over to help bury this one. She had been dead about 8 hrs I estimated. Odd thing, when we picked this one up, it also began bleeding from one of it's eyes and nostrils.
Just laying there, Blood was oozing post mortem from rectum and vulva..I didn't see it while it was still alive that day, but saw it the day before..looked fine then:

That is aweful. Literally **** her guts out...

I suppose what I saw may have been from another animal too. It was on the ground about 2 feet from where this calf was lying, which was by the feeder. Was a small amount though...calf size I thought.

About to get to check on him.
Thought I'd update this. The calf seems to be doing fine. All the calves seem fine. Scours or not.

Had an older neighbor tell me they can pass blood from the mommas bag. She seemed to think the moms milk had blood where she wasn't nursed for a day and a half after calving.
Seems plausible.

But would it remain red through the calf digestive system was my question.
Caustic Burno said:
Coccidiosis would be my bet.
If it is Corrid would be the drug you need . Talk to your vet.

Coccidiosis has about a 4-6 week incubation time, which doesn't fit with this.. Corrid doesn't hurt anything, so probably might as well give it, but I'd keep looking for other causes.
Probably best off giving an oral antibiotic than LA200 injectable, tetracycline boluses most likely.
The calf I started this thread about, is in good shape it seems.

Unfortunately, had a 3 day old calf die on me tonight. Found her this afternoon lying in the barn almost unresponsive. Watched her nurse day 1. Day 2, yesterday, she had warm wet mouth and nose. She was seen urinating. And had normal looking yellow poop. I assumed she was nursing.

This evening I found her limp as a noodle with some blood yellow poo dried on her butt. Very cold nose and mouth.

Brought her in and tried warming her up. Tubed 3 pints of electrolytes/vitamins/sugar stuff to rehydrate her. Within 3 hours she was dead. Really thought she was purking up after the tube. Started moving a bit. But mouth was still cold.

Behind her was some bloody yellow poo. I've been reading as to what it could be. Based on what I'm reading it sounds to me like it likely could have been salmonella.

Anyone ever dealt w salmonella?

This calf was in a different pasture from the first and they don't share a fence. The other calf was in the elements and this calf was in a decently clean barn. Needless to say the barn doors are closed.

Really has me bummed, and worried. And our weather is miserable. Wet and cool.

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