BW's have been all over the place

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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Haven't had consistent birth weights this year, normally our calves run from 60 - 85 pounds. We've had our smallest calf ever Bitty Betty, a few small calves 45 - 59 lbs, still a majority of 60 - 85 lb calves, and the last two were whoppers 100+. Had to assist with the last one, wasn't a hard pull but he sure is larger than her previous calves. Happier all the time that I went ahead and sold my Invasion Bull. He sired some really nice calves but when you start hurting the girls trying to breed them and the BW of the calf crop gets inconsistent those are reasons to be replaced. Him being Heterozygous Polled also was a downer but I could put up with that. Have kept a few daughters and sold a few for replacements as well as a few sons as herdsires therefore his genetics will live on. Still will have a 1/2 a crop or a bit better of his for next year as well, before any of my blaze face Packin Heat son calves get here. Really looking forward to those first ones. Oh yeah pulling calves after dark isn't to fun out in the pasture, but the big dude sure looked nice this morning. Hopefully I can put up a few pics soon.

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