Butter Churn

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I remember my Grandmother using one like that... and you are right, best butter in the world!! I just may have to get one and bring back some of those memories!!
Bestoutwest":31wjl55s said:
I got one of these for Christmas this year, and is probably the best present I've gotten in years. Anyone else have one of these? We have a hippy type store in town that sells whole cream from a local dairy and I've never had better butter in my life. It is spectacular!
https://www.amazon.com/Kilner-Delicious ... hurn&psc=1

This one was in my grandmas house I have no clue when it was made.

I don't have that particular device, however I have made homemade butter, many many times! And you are right, it is delicious.
I used to teach high school agriculture, and we would do a program called "Food For America", where we go into the local elementary schools and teach the kids about where their food comes from (this was in California). The butter making station happened to be the most popular one! We did it on a much smaller scale; each child, when they arrived, were given a Gerber Baby Food jar full of cream (we would get it donated by the local dairies). They were told to continue to shake their jars, while the high school students taught them about the dairy industry, showed them how to milk a cow, and had a calf there for the kids to pet (it was a mobile dairy unit that contained one milking machine - and the cow was milked while the children watched). Anyway, by the time the high school students were done with the educational part, the kids were told to open their lids, pour out the liquid, and see what they made. Oh the excitement in their faces! We then gave them crackers to spread THEIR own made butter on, so they could taste it.
We also made Ice Cream with them, using ice, salt, and several zip lock baggies. That was a fun one too!
Have that one like that but it's much older. Our local dairy started making their own butter so I'm not getting the cream like I was. And yes, it's best butter around.
I don't know why, but I never really knew this was a thing. And then, the buttermilk that's left over makes the absolute best biscuits. It's kind of a win-win.
skyhightree1":6fb53y2x said:
When I make my butter after it seperates I added sugar and honey to it then beat it more then put it in a bowl

Sky- With a little cinnamon in it that sounds like a good coating for a donut.
Wife has 4 of those small butter churns in her collection, all the way from a pint jar up to a gallon jar. No idea how old they are but everybody that sees them wants them.
I have watched my Mother in years gone by set with a gallon jar with a lid on it shake it back and forth and churn butter.

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