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We are in the Texas Panhandle region and it has been very hot and dry past few weeks. We breed and raise Peruvian Paso and Tennessee Walking Horses. NOW...the question!

Yesterday I noticed my PP Mare had 12-15 quarter-sized bumps on her sides, topline, and neck. They are about 3/16" high (rounded on top). No evidence of hot areas, ticks attached, infection, bleeding, or bee stingers attached. She's never had this problem before; and, none of our other PP or TWH have this condition. It just happened past few days. Mare seems ok otherwise, eats, drinks well and activity level is same as usual.

All our horses eat the same things.

I'm totally perplexed at these "bumps". Since she has no other symptoms or is in distress, didn't see this as a Vet alert issue.... Any ideas from anyone will be appreciated!

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Has she been eating any weeds? It sounds suspiciously like urticaria, which can be from eating certain weeds. Common in summertime...

Good Luck! V
Thanks Vickie! Could be. Since can't monitor her 24/7, she might have bit into something that didn't agree with her. Most common weeds in pasture include "careless weed", occasional "devil's claw", some "russian thistle" (sagebrush), and "pigweed". Try to keep these pulled up or mowed as much as possible. Probably some other species out there too. Pasture essentially Bermudagrass.

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