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If your thinking tarentaise, I would highly recommend investigating aubrac. I investigated both and for me the aubrac is a better choice.
talked to kit pharo a few years ago. there were two tarentaise advertised at local sale, but due to weather never showed, but sale owner had guy call me & I ended up buying them. just wondered if anyone else had any experience with them. I have crosses of angus, brangus, red angus, santa-gertrudis and think they will make a good cross. my calves normally bring a premium at sale barn. guy that raises them says he hasn't noticed any problems from fescue with them & they are supposed to have a resistence to respiratory problems which I have had some problems with due hog barns all around us. thanks
jerry27150":1usishtl said:
majority of mine are red, I like to buck the trend

Same here. :nod:

I'll never forget when I was younger a city slicker type asked my grandfather what kind of cows they were out in the field. He responded that they were mostly Red Angus. The guy asked what was so special or different about them than Black Angus. He replied "Because they aren't black." The guy said "Well why wouldn't you want to have Black Angus???" to which my grandfather repsonded "Because I don't like blacks!!!" :lol2:
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jerry27150":k1dwme0m said:
majority of mine are red, I like to buck the trend
Yeah if you like brindled calves that brings less money than solid reds.

CB takes a huge discount on brindle cattle.

Only F1 Hereford x Brahman heifers that sell good. Tarentaise do carrying the wild type coloration which causes brindling in the calves when you cross them to a red hided or a red gene carrier. Brindled calves seldomly topping the sales most times.
Jerry my grandpa has beautiful Tarentaise cow but no bulls. She has the nicest bag and raises a beautiful calf every year. One of her heifers is due this May-April and I hope her bag is just as nice as her mommas.
holm, yeah from what I understand they have great udders, easykeepers, good hybrid vigor, length, highly fertile, muscling and natural resistance to respiratory disease. I have seen the crossbred calves this guy has & they will sell good at any sale barn. I think they will make a great cross on my cows
Jerry I think they would be a great cross. The one here is also very easy to work with and makes a great lead cow.
The Tarentaise cow next to her two year old heifer who is gonne be three this spring.

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