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Jun 4, 2017
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I am new to the cattle business, this is my 4th year and I still have a small herd. My bull that I have had for over a year and is 3 years old suddenly started being really weird the last couple of weeks .... he will run full speed with his tail straight out to a particular spot in the creek any time I come around... he was still coming to eat and let me spray him but as soon as he was done he would run off ... now he won't even come eat I will just see him running with his tail out. There is a house being built close by? I don't know if that has agitated him or what? Worried he's got rabies or something? Is this normal?
I'm not sure.. Welcome to CT, I'm sure someone else will have more to say

When horseflies are around my cows get really agitated and will tear off in a manner you describe.. they're (thankfully) a pretty rare sight around here
How many cows do you have with him? You may not have enough to satisfy his needs and his harmons are raging. His tail sticking straight out may be a sign. :hide:
He has been covered in flies so I have been spraying him everytime he comes up to feed... we have had a lot of rain lately and then he didn't come up this last time...
I have 10 with him, 3 heifers I just put on him about 3 weeks ago.
talltimber":p13c1zrr said:
Is your spray burning him?

I was thinking that the spray is the issue or being sprayed. Seeing how Kingfamfarm said that every time the bull comes to eat, he/she sprays it and then it runs to the creek, and now it won't come up to eat. I'm thinking that the bull now knows that every time it comes to you to eat, you spray it.

I'm thinking that the spray may be burning, itching or "tickling" him and he goes to the creek for relief.
I've had cows that hated being sprayed. I've found that a squirt of Ultraboss is easier, more effective, and lasts for weeks. For me at least.
No I don't spray him every time he comes to eat, and just here and there when the flies are bad. He never flinches or cares at all when I spray him. And like I said I have had him for over a year.
But I agree a different method for flies is needed at this point. Also we have had a lot of rain lately so I haven't gotten to spray him in a while and he was again in the one spot in the creek when I checked him this evening, going to try going at a different time of day tomorrow.
Kingfamfarm":3n7pxh6s said:
He has been covered in flies so I have been spraying him everytime he comes up to feed... we have had a lot of rain lately and then he didn't come up this last time...

This is why I posted what I did. You had, indeed, stated that you sprayed him every time he comes up to feed.
Yes and then I stated we had a lot of rain lately ...I don't spray them in the rain or when it's about to rain. But in any case I have always sprayed all my cows with the same spray and he has never cared before. He doesn't actually get in the water of the creek, he stands in a spot that he has basically dug out beside the creek but it's down in it a little. Also I don't feed them every day, and he's still in that spot anytime I come around. The other cows come running from wherever they are and he always did before these last few weeks. He's staying completely separated from the herd.
With all that has been said, it is either time to ship the bull or get your vet out to look at him and maybe get some bloodwork/fecal samples on him.
If he is truly
Kingfamfarm":15805a2r said:
completely separated from the herd.
then my first question is, Are all of the cows bred? Another would be what ClinchValley asked.
If nothing is wrong with the bull, and the cows are NOT bred, I'd say you need to ship the bull.
If there is something wrong with him, can it be treated, and will he be good to breed in a timely manner to get the cows bred?
I don't want to get you worried, but one of the thoughts that came to my mind is anaplasmosis.
If you are reluctant to, don't be, and make a call to your vet. Chances are, if they have worked on large animals, they can help you.

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