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Bright Raven

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Mar 10, 2017
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Already crated. Will load into the back of your pick-up.

$700 Plus 20 for crating.
There used to be a man, about 30 minutes from me, who bred and raised some of the nicest looking brown Swiss I've ever seen. He'd lease them to a dairy just North of him and a few of the calves were shown in 4-H by his grand kids. Now he only has about 3 left.

They are pretty cows, and huge.
Been breeding some of our high % Angus and AngusxShorthorn cows to Braunvieh sires the last year or two - I've wanted some Brown Swiss or Braunvieh cattle for 30 years, and finally got around to doing it.
Really nice calves. Did get some brindles out of red and red-carrier cows, and one or two that have that Braunvieh coloration, but most are gonna be black... though, as calves, it looks like it's a 'different' sort of black...will have to see how they shed off that baby haircoat.
Don't know that I'm gonna go higher than halfbloods... but if some of these Braunvieh-cross heifers pan out well, they might get AI'ed another round with some Braunvieh semen to make some 3/4s.
I'd love to get a few braunveih cows! They are few and far between in Canada it seems. My Brown Swiss milk cow makes awesome cross with our black Simangus bull.
My Brown Swiss has thrown a chocolate Brown heifer with some of the shading they get, the other calf is tan with black nose from the black Simangus bull. I think they are beautiful but would love to see a true Brown Swiss/Braunveih coloured calf... probably have to be purebred for that?

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