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Caustic Burno":3aq6szcz said:
ALACOWMAN":3aq6szcz said:
I've seen red poll and Brahman cross that looked like can bet if she ran through the ring here ,they'd holler gert...

You can't see it in the pic she is lightly tiger striped .

Those Simbray on cross bred cows they were stripped too but they weren't dog gentle.
Caustic Burno":3lz9qd4d said:
Brute here is another pet she is 12 months

I have a heifer calve that looks like a twin to this pictured calve, color and body structure.
I have a twin to this heifer, size, color body all the same. I will try to post a picture of the pair.
I saw a really fancy tigerstripe heifer with a bald face bring $2.3250 per lb yesterday. She weighed 565 lbs. There was a another high percentage Brahman heifer (close to a purebred). She weighed 555 and brought $2.20 per lb. You don't see these kind with this quality very often.

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