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Will a cow come in heat while the calf is still on her? My cow had twins on April 11 and I recently put a bull in with her and nothing seems to be going on. I heard that they don't come in until the calf is weaned. True????
smalltime":1k15hwv5 said:
I heard that they don't come in until the calf is weaned. True????

False. We'd all go broke if that were the case. That would create a calving interval that none of us could afford. She should have been in by now, assuming adequate nutrition, etc. Is it possible you just missed the action? Happens all the time for me. How long has your bull been in with her?
Very False indeed

We get them bred from 45-60 days post calving, we find we get higher conceptio the smaller the calf is because there is less drain on the cows system

Good body condition score will also affect you conceptio, if she is this she may not cycle

Good minerals too, if she is difficient she will not cycle

I you get her bred within 90 days, she will calve at the same time every year

Ex.: We try to calve around Sept 1 , Then we breed all yearlings around Nov 20th so they will calve on Sept 1

This works for most of our cows but many calve a bit later and we try to bump them back a few weeks every year, slowly grouping every one in a shorter calving group, try not too calve anything in June July or August as it is TOO HOT the following 60 Days, So are bulls rest in August, Sept, Oct., Most of November

Makes Life Much easier

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