Bratwurst in a smoker?

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Jan 26, 2006
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We stopped and grabbed a smoked brat on our way home last week and the thing was pretty darn good. I hate to have to drive back to Centerville TX to have another one so we picked up some raw brats up at the grocery store. Any one have a recipe on how to slow cook them in a smoker?

Put them on low and slow. ~ 185 for a several hours.

Unfortunately, the sausage itself has much to do with the end product.
I have smoked ours in my electric Masterbuilt smoker. I smoke it while I smoke chicken, about an hour, at 200. Turns out pretty good.
Fly-guy":3mfwj0i2 said:
Vett, could you define "several hours"?


Yeah, it's going to vary depending on the sausage thickness and fat content but I think it's considered done when internal temp reaches 145. I'd have to dig out my notes to be sure. You will want to keep the temperature low enough that the fat doesn't render out and the smoking has worked its magic, which again, how much smoke is a personal preference. Smoke longer at lower temperatures or shorter at higher.

I'm going to guess a brat the size of Johnsonville will take about 4 hour @ 185. They will be sweating pretty good as they near getting done. Hope I haven't steered you wrong. Jogee correct me if I've erred.
Thanks Vett, you've given me a pretty good starting point. The brats that we picked up are Johnsonville brats so they should turn out good. By the way, have you ever stopped at that little bar-b-que place at Centerville? I don't think you would be disappointed in them.

Can't say I've ever been through Centerville even though it's just over an hour away. It doesn't seem to be on the way to anywhere I've gone. :lol:
Fire Sweep Ranch":1yhse2u6 said:
I have smoked ours in my electric Masterbuilt smoker.

I have a charcoal smoker, which is very management intensive, so I don't use it very much.
Cousin bought a high end pellet smoker, and says it works well.
Electric would seem to be best for someone who needs to multi task.

What are your thoughts on the ideal smoker style and brand?
I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker that works great and I am impressed with it. The only thing I didn't like about it was that you have to order a stand to sit it on. The one I have has a digital timer on it, just set the time and temperature, add soaked wood chips and let it do it's thing. I've been smoking briskets for about 24 hours at 190 degrees that are really tender and juicy.
I looked yesterday at an outdoor store. They must have had 20 different models from several manufacturers, ranging from $150 to $600. A lot of them were propane. Any advantage to electric over propane?
Probably not much....gas oven vs electric....con mostly the gas bottles but electric elements go out too.

Maybe getting to play with fire puts gas on top. :D
I don't smoke much and then only on an old wood smoker made from oilfield casing. I was at a cousin's plac last year and he was smoking some ribs and sausage on an electric smoker on his front porch and he had 2 other electric smokers right beside that one. I asked why he needed 3 and he said "Oh, those don't work any more...the electronics went out on them and I just bought a new one each time...been meaning to order the parts to fix 'em but it's nearly 1/2 what a new one cost so I just bought a new one each time". One of the broken ones was identical to the one he was using.
I have a couple of different styles of smokers and the one made out of wood gets used all the time. I use propane for heat, very easy to control the heat. Trial and error is the best way to learn how to smoke meat. You need 3 temperature gauges, one towards the bottom of the smoker, one towards the top of the smoker and most importantly one inside of the meat. Do not over cook the meat, I like to smoke around 200` degrees.
1982vett":be6k43hv said:
Probably not much....gas oven vs electric....con mostly the gas bottles but electric elements go out too.

Maybe getting to play with fire puts gas on top. :D

Vett, just pulled four pounds of brats off they turned out as expected. The original flavor seem to have more smoke flavor than the Italian flavor. I'll give both of the flavors a two thumbs up.....thanks for your suggestion!


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