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According the the American Brahman Breeders Association it is meat similar to brisket.

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> I would like to know what the hump
> consist of--muscle, meat or what?
The hump is a storage facility for fat and consists mainly of muscle when the animal is thin and is loaded with fat when the animal is well fed. Fat is an insulation and when evenly deposited on the outside of the body, retains body heat, so in its clever design the Brahma has made its own energy storage facility in the hump which sits slightly distal to the top of the shoulder blades - not to be confused with a cresty neck in bulls. I have heard that the meat in the hump is a delicasy simply because it is non functioning as a muscle. ( non stress bearing) however due to the fat content requires long slow cooking to remove all that fat. Some restarants down south cook it, shred it, spice it and serve it in a wrap and can't seem to keep up with demand. Did I over-answer your question?

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