Brahman Bulls

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If you ask me starting with a bloodline that has rodeo quality bucking is a must it's hard to train a bull one of our neighbors tryed that and was very unsuccessful I would suggest your cows and using the bull you want to train as clean up

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> I need help with training a
> Brahman bull to be able to be
> riden rodeos so if anyone has any
> advise on making a Brahman rodeo
> ready please E-mail me at
> <A HREF="mailto:Eub[email protected]">[email protected]</A> thanks,Brandon

It's in the genes. I don't think you are going to be able to "train" him to buck. Also, if you watch the PBR circuit events I believe that there are really very few straight Brahman bulls used. Most are crossbreds, and some of the outfits that supply the bucking stock have extensive breeding programs where they use sires that were known to be excellent buckers in hopes of passing on that genetic predisposition to their progeny. (The above response assumes that you didn't mean you wanted to train a Brahman bull to be ridden the way Mongo (Alex Karras) did in the movie Blazing Saddles)

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