Bovine Fever Tick In Texas!

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Mar 4, 2015
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Central Texas
Well the fever tick has made a good comeback in Texas. Made it north into numerous counties. Got me pretty concerned. A lot of properties quarantined. If you have it the surrounding properties are as well. My county Caldwell, Bastrop and Gonzalez all have properties with issues. Called all of my neighbors to warn them about it. My next door neighbor feeds his charolais at the feedlot to fatten them up. God forbid they make it back home. Deer can carry them from property to property. All Texans be careful of what you bring home. If anyone remembers my thread about the auction giving away some cattle I bought. Makes me wonder if there was a good reason. Something like a 90% mortality rate.
Some blame the nilgai . But the nilgai travel back and forth across the Rio Grande.
Ground zero for the infestation is right at the river. Texas has been successful at containing the tick in the past, with the permanent buffer zone. Mexico has no tick control program.....................
They say the injectable and pour on dewormer help prevent them. When you are on quarantine you there have to do this process or take him in to get dipped on a regular basis. This deal could wipe out everything I have. Needless to say I am going to run a closed herd for a while. Before taking my cattle to the vet I am going to medicate them as well just so they dont bring something back. It could be financially devastating.

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