Bought some Hereford heifers today.

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
Went to the fall KY Hereford sale in Mt. Sterling today, bought 4 spring born open heifers. All in all it was a good group of cattle all the way through the sale. Took some pictures of them in the barn, not the best pictures it was pretty well dark by the time we got home with them.

Some pictures of the BWF heifers, we bought Thursday, at the KY Hereford Influence sale in Stanford. Some were really nervous and fast when we brought them in, they seem to be calming down.

RanchMan90":103m4fsk said:
Both groups are impressive! The herfs horned or polled?

Thank you RanchMan90. They are polled, though I almost bid on a horned one. One of the BWF has had horns.

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