Boat fuel tanks

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Caustic Burno

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Sep 26, 2004
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Big Thicket East Texas
These new 6.5 plastic fuel tanks suck at best. They are pressured as the cap doesn't vent and I haven't found a way yet to stop them from leaking around the fittings when it gets warm.
I am fixing to drill a vent hole in the caps. The stupid tanks pressure more fuel out the fittings than if they were vented. Bad design plastic tank that you screw the metal fuel attachment into. When the tank pressures you no longer have a seal at the fitting.
Sure wished I would have hung on to my
metal spare out of my Whaler.
I've got about 47 of the five gallon cans with the "safe" and "idiot proof" spouts. I really love those things. So convenient to use, and never spill gas on anything. Thank The Lord the government is looking out for us.

CB, just fire up the trusty TIG welder and whip up an aluminum tank. It's really pretty easy.

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