bloating cow !

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two days ago i had a cow come in when i went to feed, she came in the lot and went and layed down and started rolling on her side, she got up and walked to the far corner and layed down again and did the same thing when she got up she kicked at her stomach and walked to the other corner and layed down again and rolled over, her stomach looked distended and swollen.i watched for a momented and she got up again and right back down and rolled on her side like she was in pain. she has a calf that is about a month and half old. i called the vet on my cell phone and put her in pen by herself and she layed down again i watched she quit rolling and layed normal for awhile and when i got her up again she seem to be fine. i called the vet back and they thought she might have gotten something hung in her throat and was bloating and all the rolling dilodged the obstruction and she was fine.

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