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Dun we have fed baleage for 4 years now. Mostly barley but this year we will feed some alfalfa and alfalfa/ grass prior to breeding. The barley works great. We chop it up with our bale processer. Don't anything about sudan or clover.
> Any experience feeding Baleage?
> One is sudan the other
> grass/clover.

> dun

Don't have any experience with baleage. I imagine you are well aware of this, but just in case, remember that sudan is one of the most susceptible to prussic acid and nitrate poisoning of it's family of grasses (sudan, sorghum, johnson grass, etc.) Need to be sure not to cut it for baleage, or hay, when grown under conditions that are condusive to either of those two poisons. Of source a few simple $10 or $15 tests at the extension service are well worth it if you have any doubts.

Best regards, AZ.

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