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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
My Bottle Calf Group is a Growing. Found 8 year old Glamous Dead with a standing new bull calf. Cow had Prolapsed. To think a few weeks ago we were looking for a calf to now having 3 bottle calves. The 1st Register cow we've lost since we started raising purebred simmentals. She had did well here, calved easily last year with twin bull calves and raised both of them. Also delivered twins the year before but one was dead raised the other fine. She was a Dream Doctor daughter purchased from Sunset View. She had done a good enough job that we had raised and sold a bull and heifer from her to other operations. Suppose I'll chalk it up to the heat, humidity, and a large frame calf that caused a difficult birth and hard straining. A real long bodied and tall calf which really doesn't fit the phenotype of the dam or even the sire. Think it's the longest bodied calf we have had born here in a very long time. Weighed the calf using a bathroom scale and it read 80 lbs. don't think its accurate because I weighed myself later and I was 10 lbs. heavier and I hadn't ate that much. Anyway please wish me luck I don't need more problems or bottle calves. Know of anybody that needs or wants one we've got them.
Go find a recently fresh Jersey and graft these three on to her ... it'll give you time to figure out a plan ...

This is really tough. I'm sorry it's happening to you.
Sorry to hear that. I know that's a really sick feeling. Hopefully you can get this rough spot behind you soon and have better days ahead. It's really hard when all that happens at once.
Sorry to hear that. It looks that this year are hard for many people. Everything started for us around October last year when one weaned heifer has injured one leg and found another weaned heifer dead for unknown reason. Lost 7 calves (all for different reasons) and 1 cow, had a breach calf (the1st in 13years with cattle), have one calf with spinal injury and one calf is sick. Neighbour had the 1st c-section on the best heifer, dead calf and saw yesterday that one her cow is seriously sick.
Pretty stressful year. Hopefully all bad luck will end as soon as possible.
So sorry to hear about this.
I have spent the entire day with a prolapse..wife called At 7:15 and a 9 year old Simbrah had a prolapse about the size of a football hanging out. Got her penned and to the Vet..pulled a 75lb bull calf and he was alive. Got the momma put back together and stitched up (her last calf). The rest of the day was getting him some mommas milk in him. He finally got his legs about 4 hours later..tubed him and got him a belly full. We will see how he is in the AM. Beautiful calf, red white blazed face..
And this is the second prolapse in a row..should have taken her to town last year. Won't do this again
insurman- Yeah that sounds like a beautiful calf would like to have some red blaze faces here. Hope all goes well with cow and calf.
Thanks for the replies and condolences. Calf got where he wasn't nursing the bottle and his whites of the eyes were still blood shot red. Decided to take him to the vet and let him look it over. He gave it an antibiotic and a appetizer shot and tubed it with electrolytes. Calf had been drinking water from a tub so I put him back from the vet clinic away from water. Drank his bottle milk well this evening. Hopefully he'll be full speed soon.
Sorry to hear about the issues you are having. It is a part of owning livestock that we don't enjoy but as a caretaker and owner have to accept and take care of them. Hope things improve for you.

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