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I Haven't seen that figure for a few years. Was about 80# average. The BW epd is based on + or - pounds. So +3 would be approximately 83# if the average is 80#. But remember that is just the sire's contribution to BW - the dam will also affect the final bw. Our Sire book lists a chart with the trends. CE (which + is best) has gone from -1.8 to +2.2. While yearling epd's went from +30 to +60 (from 1980 to 2000). Cornell Univ does all the epd's for the Simmental breed. They are pushing to drop the BW epd because the CE is a much more reliable figure. It takes into consideration BW and reported calving difficulties (or not). Jeanne <A HREF="http://www.SimmeValley.com" TARGET="_blank">http://www.SimmeValley.com</A>
> What is the real average weight
> for Simmental calves? How much
> does that weight increase or
> decrease for each + or - point of
> birth weight.

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