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> Can this disease among cattle
> affect human beings?

I don't know if it can or not. But the ticks, mesquitoes and flys that cause it in cattle can carry other diseases that can affect you. My advise is if you have one that you suspect has anaplasmosis I don't think he is going to live long. I fhe does I would get rid of him to prevent onther parasites from spreading it. May be wrong but thats what I would do. Also on this same site there is a place were you can look up the different dieases that will recomend treament and what to look for and such. Hope this helps.

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Anaplas. is treatable, and morover it is preventable, by feeding a mineral with CTC, chlortetracyline, call your vet for a treatment regime, and start feeding a feed through mineral with low levels of ctc.

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